Violates of Veterinary Legislation

20 June 2018, Wednesday

Officers of the State Veterinary Surveillance of the FSVPS in the Republic of Tatarstan conducted an unscheduled inspection of SHPK VAHITOVA which is located at 1a, Yanyl str., Kukmor district, the Republic of Tatarstan.

It was found that the entrepreneur violated veterinary legislation, during the inspection. The existing fencing did not provide prevention of penetration of wild animals on the territory of economy, the disinfecting barrier was absent at an entrance, disinfection mats for disinfection of footwear were absent at an entrance to livestock rooms.

The violations may be a cause of the spread of infectious and contagious diseases common to humans and animals.

On this fact the protocol on administrative offence was drawn up under Part 1 of Article 10.8 of the Administrative Code of RF. The instruction on elimination of the revealed violations was issued.


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