The registration of the VDS for expired products was revealed

17 June 2020, Wednesday

The Rosselkhoznadzor administration for the Republic of Tatarstan during monitoring of fgis "mercury" found that the authorized person Loskutov M. V. serving the enterprises of IP "Loskutov Mikhail Vladimirovich" issued evsd in violation of the requirements established by the rules of organization of work on registration of veterinary accompanying documents.
Thus, when analyzing the eusd issued by IP "Loskutov Mikhail Vladimirovich", located at the address: Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, tihoretskaya St., 7, p. B1, it was found That M. V. Loskutov 02.06.2020 issued eusd No. 5552948798 for ZMC milk " Vaskino happiness 3.2%" with an expiration date of 01.06.2020. Also, this user was issued several more eusds with a similar violation.
These actions lead to the violation of the requirements of articles 15, 18, 21 Russian Federation Law "On veterinary medicine" dated 14.05.1993 No. 4979-1; p. 1,2 "Rules of the organization of work on registration of veterinary accompanying documents, order of registration of veterinary accompanying documents on paper", approved by Order of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia from 27.12.2016 No. 589, providing for traceability of products of animal origin, and article 5, Chapter I, paragraph 12, article 10 CU TR 021/2011 "On food safety" from 09.12.2011 № 880.
This user has suspended registration for a period of 3 months.

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